Monday, 11 May 2009

Bernd's Graduation Ceremony

We attended Bernd's graduation ceremony today at The Regent theatre in Palmerston North. After being told how important their degrees are going to be in these times of crisis, the students were capped by the vice-chancellor of the university and got their diploma. After that, there was a parade with all the graduating students (and families) to the square (where else...) with the Town Crier leading the way. We had never seen the Town Crier from Palmy before: she is like an ambassador for the city and her job consits on opening festivals and leading welcoming ceremonies and parades (among other things, we guess). Here is a picture of her:

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Blackberry said...

It sounds really interesting and funny:)

Ester qué ilusión tu mensaje en mi blog! ni me había dado cuenta!

Te añado a mi lista y a partir de ahora te seguiré de cerca:)

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